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Sherilyn Kenyon & Diana Love, Cindy Gerard, Laura Griffin - Deadly Promises
07.10.2010, 05:39

Название: Deadly Promises
Авторы: Sherilyn Kenyon & Diana Love, Cindy Gerard, Laura Griffin
Год выпуска: 2010
Описание: Антология - современная.


Аннотация на английском.


Unstoppable - Laura Griffin (Tracers series)

Gage is a navy SEAL who has been injured. While recovering he is asked by his commanding officer to guard his niece, Dr. Kelsey Quinn. Kelsey is working at an archeological dig where a woman has been shot nearby and there has beena break in. But she believes in her work and knows she can take care of herself. She resents the sexy Quinn `babysitting' her. But when they find fresh, new bones instead of old ones and a secret tunnel both realize that something dangerous is going on. But can they solve the mystery before the killers find them?

Leave No Trace - Cindy Gerard

David Cavanaugh is tired of his undercover work for the CIA. He desperately wants to retire but when a colleague asks Cav to find his missing friend -Carrie Granger- he reluctantly agrees. Cav arrives in Myanmar where he discovers Carrie has been caught up in a bungled arrest. To cover up their mistake the government has thrown her in their ruby mines where she labors as a virtual slave. To free her Cav must pretend to work with the corrupt government in Myanmar. Can Carrie learn to trust him or will this rescue mission end in tragedy for them both?

Just Bad Enough - Sherrilyn Kenyon & Diana Love (BAD series)

Undercover agent Jeremy Sunn has the hots for CeCe. But as part of his cover he has a rap sheet a mile long. He acts the playboy with a series of women. But since he met CeCe he wants a real relationship. Unfortunately, she seems to be putting him off. CeCe has secrets of her own. She has ties to criminals that she has been running away from. When CeCe unknowingly hides an important memory disc she and Jeremy must
fight a deadly killer who wants it. But what will happen when gun shy CeCe finds out about Jeremy's fake criminal history? Will their deception and lies destroy their budding relationship?

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