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Jill Shalvis, Kate Hoffmann, Jacqueline Diamond - Paris or Bust!
07.10.2010, 05:48

Название: Paris or Bust!
Авторы: Jill Shalvis, Kate Hoffmann, Jacqueline Diamond


Год выпуска: 2010


Описание: Антология - собременный.


Аннотация на английском.

Ah, I'amour . . .

Ah, Paris. The city of light . . . and, of course, romance! When Family Travel
magazine sponsors a Mother of the Year contest, with a trip to Paris and
a shopping spree as the prize, the response is overwhelming!

Romancing Roxanne? by Kate Hoffman

Finalist #1 is Roxanne Perry, a single mother of four, who isn't positive wealthy
entrepreneur Christopher "Kit" Lawrence is right for her, but his match making
father certainly thinks so!

Daddy Come Lately by Jacqueline Diamond

Callum Fox had no idea he was a dad, but after some quick calculating he decides to pay finalist #2 -- single mom and former love Jody Reilly --
a visit she won't soon forget!

Love in The Air by Jill Shalvis

Kylie Birmingham, finalist #3, has no time for frivolous activities like traveling
and romance. But her meddling mom has plans. She thinks pilot Wade McKinnon is perfect for Kylie, and everyone knows Mom is always right!

Three unsuspecting women don't realize that becoming finalists isn't
the most excitement they'll ever have . . . falling in love is!

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