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Kate Angell /Squeeze Play
06.11.2009, 18:23
Название: Squeeze Play

Автор: Kate Angell

Год выпуска: 2009

Описание: Современный роман,бейсбол

Количество глав: пролог + 14 глав

Серия: The Boys of Summer - 1 книга

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Risk and Jacey have been friends their whole life. Vibrant, sexy, sassy Jacey Grayson was the second cousin of Richard Kincaid's best friend. Richard is
better known as "Risk" to his baseball pals, but oddly, risk is the one thing
Jacey won't take with him. They'd grown up together. With her being a year younger, Risk always protected her like a brother. Only, his feelings were far from brotherly toward this free spirit. He easily spotted Jacey in any crowd.
Dressed in brilliant colors that had others accusing her of being colorblind,
she endlessly fascinated him. Then there was her hair. She went from pink to purple to maroon at the drop of a hat. Risk knew there was no one like Jacey. To him she was "Totally unforgettable. She was pure sparkle and pizzazz." Jacey has always watched Risk like a big brother, a hero, loved him, yet feared he was the one man who could crush her heart, so she kept an emotional distance. The first time Risk offered to "pick up the pieces of her broken heart" from her current failed romance, he warned Jacey he didn't do tears. Jacey asked what did he do? He replied, "Rebounds." He promised he would kiss her until she forgot the lout who dumped her. Jacey took him at his word. She told herself it was okay to "play with Risk" but never let him too near. Тhis has become the pattern of their lives. Risk has regretted ever uttering the word. Now the World Series is over, he rushes home to Jacey hoping to break this stalemate in their lives. Life as a pro
baseball player has grown hollow and he wants Jacey as his. Only she is too conditioned at taking him to bed, yet all the while keeping him at arms length where her heart was concerned. It's up to Risk to convince her where love and marriage is the objective he is no risk at all!

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