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JANA DELEON/Trouble in Mudbug
06.11.2009, 15:32
Название: Trouble in Mudbug


Год выпуска: 2009

Описание: Cовременный роман,мистика

Количество глав: 19 глав

Серия: A Ghost-in-Law Mystery - 1 книга
Вторая книга из этой серии -  Mischief in Mudbug

 Maryse Robicheaux attends the funeral for her deceased mother in law, Helena Henry. Helena made Maryse's live a living hell when she walked the earth. Imagine Maryse shock and horror when Helena decides to haunt Maryse in the middle of the service. Helena needs Maryse help to find out who killed her. Maryse has enough on her plate without Helena dodging her ever step. She is trying to find the source of a cancer cure out in the bayou. Now she has a hotter then sin person sharing her tiny office. Luc LeJeune is under cover in Mudbug, LA as a zoologist for the state. The higher ups think Maryse may be involved in something shady. The more the gets to know her the less likely this appears to be true. Luc finds himself very attracted to Maryse and this is a huge problem for him. With Helena's death someone is out to harm Maryse. Luc jeopardizes everything to keep Maryse safe.


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